Thursday, February 5, 2015

Drone Conversions: USGOV is Chicken Little

You saw my comments on Iran and how they are converting drones into cruise missiles.

Well more info is coming out from the DC establishment.  The news is; that they are 'Scared'.

Yes you heard that right.  DC is 'Scared' of losing their imaginary technological superiority.

They offer nothing in the way of ideology, or moral superiority, so they resort to the tried and true despot tactic of brute force. 

Except 4th gen warfare now evens out the odds.

Back hundreds of years ago, this warfare was rather common.  Nation states were not the omnipotent beings they once were. 

An armed ship and crew of a couple hundred could go out and pretty much do what they wanted in most of the world.  They were called many names.  Pirates, Conquistadors, Dutch East Indies Company etc.

The industrial revolution and WW1 really brought this to a halt with the rise of the super-army. 

However with the advent of the internet, and new methods of manufacturing.  The balance of power is now shifting away. 

My prediction?

More of the same but worse from the powers that be. 

The day will come when they will hunt down every maker, builder and thinker in their quest to keep power.  In the same way they presently hunt down Moslem bomb makers.

They will be changing the propaganda narrative and make me, you, and anybody who creates stuff outside the establishment permission into the bad guys.  

Yet it is the rise of the Luddites those who promise peace, prosperity, and anything else to keep power who engage in the most violence.  (religion of peace, UN peace keepers, etc etc)

The collectivists will fail, but they will kill millions on their way down.  For our own good you see...

UPDATE.  More hysteria.  This sounds like a coordinated propaganda push aimed at banning them.