Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You need to learn this to stay relevant

I posted this before, but it bears repeating with stronger language.

In order to stay ahead of the pack, if you are to make stuff; you really need to know how to commit your designs to paper/digital format.

To,do that you absolutely need to know CAD.

For the experienced guys out there reading this, it's basic knowledge.  However for the noobs out there, cause, face it, high school shop class was something to be made fun of or eliminated from the curriculum. 

These are THE essential skills going into the next few decades.  The ability to make real things with real value. When you can do that, you do not have to depend so much on that lame ass job to get the stuff you want or need.

For the mechanical guy and electronics guy there is this:

It is FREE, yes I said FREE.

While it is not the all powerful Solidworks, it will do 90% of the stuff that Solidworks does without the $5000 price tag.  

By far it is the most powerful free program out there.  It beats Sketchup hands down.

Not saying Sketchup does not have its uses.  I still use Sketchup too for some things.

Along that lines there is also a companion electronics program that goes with this program called DesighSpark PCB. Also FREE.

Now here is the very very cool thing that DesignSpark has.

You can download standardized objects, from gears to profile aluminum, to well, all sorts of stuff.

Then you can actually 3D print the part instead of having to buy it.

Like this:

It looks a little rough cause I made it scaled it down and it needs some cleaning up with a hand file.

But you get the picture?

On a philosophical note:

We live at the cusp of greatness or darkness. It is our individual decision.  Participation is mandatory.

If someone decides to be lazy or corrupt and take the dark path, they will suffer for it and they damn well deserve it.

Embrace the abundance in the world. It is all there for the taking and the making.  

With the unlimited knowlage of the Internet, there is absolutely no excuse to be poor.  To be poor in tomorrows world only means that you are lazy and you deserve to starve, because you have chosen to not utilize the blessings bestowed upon you.


Piper Michael said...

Do you have a link for this that doesn't also download spyware crap?

Piper Michael said...

Never mind... I see now... my computer is too old... ;-)

admin said...

It calls home during registration, the program checks for updates on startup,you can block it with your firewall, but then you can't download the free models.

The full program is called SpaceClaim. It is pretty much the same layout with a lot more features like sheet metal unfolding, and layouts.