Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mini mill update

Still working on the mini mill design.

I am redesigning it somewhat right now to make it better for you.

So here is the direction I am going.

1 Stainless steel frame.  I ran the numbers and accounting for the extra screwing around time of getti g steel powder coated vs using stainless and no powder coating the cost difference is like $10 more for stainless.  A no brainier if u ask me.

2 The working area will be larger on the X,Y axis and it will go to a more conventional rail gantry setup. This is cause I know you guys gotta eat and earn.  So this setup will let you run a CNC plasma torch, router or engraver on the machine.  

3 This is just a vitamin kit.  You still need to do the electronics, which you can get the parts and assemble a whole lot cheaper than I can buy them, assemble them and ship them.  I will to a full set of instructions that will come with the kit.  It's not too hard to put together.  You are looking at around 250-300 for the electronics using arduino, and you can get those $350 eBay electronics / motor kits that have everything you need.

4 The kit will have the mechanical parts. Frame, gantry, bearings, bolts, linear slides and drive.  I will include it with threaded rod drive.  You can swap out ball screws as your budget allows.  I am really working to keep the costs as low as possible and still deliver something that will work.

5 You will need the holder for the spindle or torch.  Due to there being so many different types of tools that go on the machines, I can't provide those at this time.  

6 I need you to specify NEMA 17 or NEMA23 motors.  You can use NEMA 17 with the china CNC kits and Arduino but NEMA 23 requires a heavy duty driver and some extra care when using the Arduino.

7 Working area.  I am shooting for 2x2 feet.  This is big enough to make signs and cut 1/4 sheets of steel plate.

8 What would be in the box: frame 4 pieces with linear slide attached.  Gantry one piece with linear slide. Z Axis,  5 inch travel.  

9 I am working out a way to make this machine be able to copy itself and pass along to others.

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