Friday, January 2, 2015

Making drone aircraft wings.

Spent a few hours today with a old book from 1930 called the Flying and Gliding Manual.  It was full of aircraft blueprints.

I opened my CAD file to see if I could translate the paper plans to 3D, and I was successfully able to draw a proper wing curve.  

I will be taking screen shots and doing a tutorial in the next few days so you too can make your own wings for a drone.  

The test prints were surprisingly good.  I found that I could get a nice strong wing section that was 4 inches wide and came in at 11 grams per inch of wing.  So a wing section without the control surface, or servo 4 feet long would come in at about one pound.  

Per inch of wing it took 45 min to make.  So that 4 foot wing would take you about 36 hours machine time to print.  

A reprap takes nearly 40 hours to print, so it is a good deal.

updated CAD photos here

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