Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grey State

I was thinking it was going to be more of a "preaching to the choir" kind of thing...

Almost didn't watch it...

But I'm glad I did.

You should too.

I stopped voting when I saw what I saw in Iraq with the absentee ballots.

There were many excuses about the ballots not arriving on time etc, not counted etc.

Let me tell you the inside story, cause I was there.

Ok  picture this: On Monday the soldier or American civilian worker drops off his absentee ballot at the APO.

Those envelopes are distinctively marked and were sorted out from the regular mail.

They were then packed in special trays.

That afternoon, the mail that came in that day was placed on a truck. The post offices on the bases are/were open 7 days a week.

In Kuwiat that mail went to the Mail sort facility af Arifjan, sorted and the ballots had priority over EVERYTHING else in the mail.  If there was only room on the plane for 1 air pallet, those ballots would be on that plane that night. 

Mail in Kuwait left the base at 5pm to 5:15pm.  It made the trip to Arifjan.  Someone drove it to Arifjan. Usually breaking every speed limit cause well, f--k the the Kuwaiti cops.

It was sorted, broken down and palced in air cargo pallets. The trucks would leave Arifjan at around 10pm, run like hell to the Kuwait international airport and park inside the bonded guarded customs area until the plane arrived, usually at 2am.  The plane comes from Bahrain.  Usually a DC10  used to be 747 at the beginning of the war.

The plane would go to Bahrain for a quick sort and then to Newark NJ.  From the time it was mailed to the time It landed in the US was less than 3 days.

For ballots mailed in southern Iraq, the mail was consolidated and there was one to 2 extra days added on to the delivery times.

That mail all was consolidated in Talil, then shipped in cargo container to Kuwait.

For mail in northern Iraq, it was consolidated and flown directly from Baghdad to Bahrain. At the beginning of the war after the DHL plane was shot down (with the mail in it) that mail was put in cargo containers and drove down to Kuwait. A process that took 2-3 days.  For awhile they also consolidated mail in Anaconda.

This is what it looked like:

This was the last load of US Army mail that left Iraq.

So when you hear those bullshit excuses about delays. It was false. They didn't want our votes, and they did not matter to them. 

So why defend a system or vote in a system that has my worst interests at heart?

This is why this is my candidate I support now.

At least we know justice was served with these two...

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