Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Flir camera link dump


Video of a webcam modded to work in infrared light.

Not exactly high dollar quality but what ya expect for a couple bucks?

On the other hand even with this puny thing, you are ahead of 99% of the other side. 

"Why?" You ask.

Cause anything Uncle Sugar Daddy buys has to be expensive.  How else they gonna 
launder that cash back to themselves?

This article by David Schneider however talks about a cheap DIY camera using the readily available Arduino platform.


The parts used for the Schneider version of the thermocam:
Melexis’s MLX90614?DCI ($52), Arduino microcontroller($30), powder-coated metal enclosure for Arduino($30), Hitec HS425BB x 2 servos($13×2), DDT500H for pan-tilt mechanism($25), plastic mount for servos($5), COM-08654 Laser module with digital controller($19)

The applications are numerous:
- Spotting surveillance in parked cars
- Seeing people hiding on your property
- Seeing wildlife
- Combat Operations

For a more step-by-step on how to build, head here.

It's kind of cheesy but it does work.  

I'm sure there are better ones out there like this screenshot from a Youtube video.

Looks pretty close to the Apache gun am footage quality don't ya think?

Uncle sugar daddy only dropped a couple million on his.  This guy built one for what essentially is the same price of supper for 2 in DC.

Hackaday has another one


I know that this is no the end all reference, but the tools are out there.

That fourth generation isn't gonna make itself...

Got soldering iron and basic skills?

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