Monday, January 26, 2015

Bunker tour

Here is a little it of cold war history for you.

The USGOV built over 6000 bunkers for the phone system during the 1960's

This particular bunker connected California with the Midwest.  It handled everything from television broadcasts, comms with the missile fields, long distance phone calls, and there was even an antenna up the mountain nearby for presidential comms with air force one back in the day.

The is was built by the Army Corps of Engineers and operated by Bell Telephone, later AT&T

The network of bunkers was sold off back in the late 90's.  This particular bunker was owned by the real estate agent that handled the sales.  He was having health problems so he was selling back then.  I think it has been sold so I will not say the exact location.

Now days the equipment that replaces this entire building fits in a refrigerator sized box and the fiber optic cable is resistant to EMP.

There are bunkers like this located in most cities, usually under the old Bell phone offices.  Not all are as elaborate as this.

There are also a series of underground rooms/large boxes along the old phone cable routes.  They served to pump the dried air thru the conduit and repeat the signal.

This particular bunker was sold by AT&T yet the construction was paid for by US tax payers...  Wanna hazard a guess that AT&T didnt refund the money from the sale?

more info at

More pics of similar site different location!communications-bunker-polo-mo/c1p81

The last location in Polo MO, was vandalized years ago by copper thieves.  It was flooded out and had a mold problem. 

Looks like it has been cleaned up nicely.

The original sale price of these properties by AT&T was in the range of around 20-50k dollars.  Looks like the market has gone up since then


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