Friday, January 2, 2015

3D printed impeller water pump

Got it printed over the last 2 days.  Was in a bit of a hurry so I ran the machine really fast so the print quality isn't quite up to par.  


It works!... Kind of...

I made a small mistake in the hole alignment for the side port so flow was partially blocked.

It was a 2 minute fix in the CAD so I'll make another tomorrow.

No leaks even though I didn't use any gasket material.  I used a .3mm tolerance between the top core and the body.  It came out about a half mm too tight.  I used a hand file to take it down a little and it fit perfect.

I was concerned about leaking from the shaft thru the bearing, that fear was unfounded.

After that I made a radiator to go with it.  It's a little overkill for the machine but it was fun to make.

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