Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 3D printed milling machine

In case you never heard of the Gingery series of books, they were a series of books describing how to build a machine shop from basically scratch.  

In this theme I am proposing the use of a 3D printer for the same.  Basic tools+3D printer will let you make more complicated and stronger machines for bigger work.

For example, this is designed to be printed on a small consumer grade printer.  In itself it won't do much nor be super accurate. However it uses hardware store threaded rod, about 30 dollars worth of plastic and about $150 worth of electronics.  It can be used to make PCB boards, and parts for larger machines.

This is the basic mini mill configuration.  Not reinventing the wheel here.  

Let me know in the comments of you have a printer already and would like this file.

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