Wednesday, December 10, 2014



This is a blog about making stuff.  Mans stuff.  Its time we cut ourselves off the grid so to speak.

I believe that one of the ways we will get out from underfoot of big brother is by personally taking charge of the means of production.

This means, that we ignore the system as it is now.  This system implemented during the industrial revolution that no one alive voted in saying how it is created.

It is  time to stop studying others actions and do it ourselves.  This means every aspect of our lives we will need to change.

It makes absolutely no sense that I should work for someone for a day, then a bunch of crooks take a percentage of that work for themselves, and then buy food, when I could have spent 2 hours time for the same damn meal growing it myself.

It makes absolutely no sense to import a trash can from China or a tool from Taiwan when I could make it myself.

This blog will encompass one part  Global Guerrillas, one part Freedom(tm), One part System D, one part Dark Market, and one part Instructables.

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