Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Need help setting up a little project.

What is the procedure to set up a wifi router so that it does the following only.

1 the router is not connected to the net
2 the router redirects all web page requests to a server hosted on the local network. Aka the local ip address.

Using a couple high gain antennas, my idea is to be able to enable people to connect via an open wifi network with their smart phone and the browser will automatically go to a local site hosted on a cheap raspberry pi or old desktop computer running a server.

This would be used mainly to stream video, enable chat with other users on the network and exchange files, view we pages etc.

A private intranet that would have a range of maybe a mile or 2 using one or a series of routers with a wave glide antenna pointed in the directions coverage is wanted.


Anonymous said...

Let me check it out. Which router are you using? A lot of this stuff is router software specific.

admin said...

I have a Buffalo Airstation Nfinity Highpower wireless router, and a couple D link routers.

Prob use an old laptop running Ubuntu for the server for now till I can run downtown and get a raspberry pi.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay. I attempted to respond last night but my tablet was having a hard time with the blogspot forms.

I am one of those visual, gots to have access and play with it individuals to explain it step by step, but generally you set this up on your router using the DD-WRT functionality / configuration area. I was able to peruse a Buffalo Airstation manual last night to confirm that this was available for the Airstation but am having issues getting in there right now to ref the exact page.

This guy has a great generalist tutorial on this process (there are some vids on YouTube that would help too):

Additionally on some devices you may need to play with the User Config area to set a default for visitors that is spelled out in the manual pretty clearly (sorry, wish I had the page reference). There is a section for setting up access to file folders / directories on a connected drive in the manual as well - just don't connect the device to the internet and ensure that guests are configured so that they can access your directory. You can grant guests limited access and specific users greater access pretty simply.

Buffalo Tech has a forum, I've linked to a how-to here that can get you started with some specific info:

Additionally I found the following for using a Raspberry Pi as a wifi access point - neat: