Monday, December 15, 2014

Making stuff today.

Spent all day traipsing around town getting stuff made.  

Every place I went was system D except one. 

Here was my shopping list:

Vice for the drill press, bought it from a guy on the street at a open market.

A flap sanding disc and polishing disc for granite, open street market seller. 2 women with a stand.

Other bits of hardware and materials including half a sheet of steel plate.

4 pounds of chicken feed.

Half pound of sugar

Half pound of raw peanuts

A big scoop of margarine.  They were re-packaging it from a 5 gallon restaurant sized bucket and selling it in baggies like scoops of ice cream.

The only thing I could not get from System D were a couple proximity sensors, a couple power switches, and some pneumatic fittings from a regular store.

More info about System D coming in a future post titled: Lessons from the third world.

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