Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Trombone

Introducing the Trombone.

A single shot 12ga shotgun with 3- 3D printed parts.  Includes CAD file for DesignSpark

Materials list.

Front handle
Back  handle
Firing pin insert
3/4 inch Schedule 40 steel or stainless steel pipe
1 inch Schedule 40 Steel or Stainless steel pipe
Concrete masonry nail
Steel Epoxy
Threaded  pipe cap for the 1 inch pipe.

exploded view
Back Handle 3D Printed
Front Handle 3D printed
Firing pin holder.  Cut concrete masonry nail so that the sharp end only protrudes a couple mm. This saves  the headache of drilling a center hole in the pipe cap without a  lathe.
With pin guide inserted. this should be epoxied in place.
Assembled Trombone

 While I realize this  is not a new concept, I have taken the liberty of updating it and making it easier to manufacture.

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