Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mission Statement

In no particular order of importance, I am running a series of posts with essential links and resources to get your own maker house in order.

I applaud the guys out doing  the humping in the bush, but that guy needs more than someone to order stuff out of a catalog and supply him with it.   Boy wouldn't that be weird.  A war where both sides order their supplies online and it gets delivered via FedEx.

Well I am here to tell ya that is not happening... Well some of it  is, but not everything.  I seen many years of the sandbox to entertain someone over drinks for hours about it, but that is not what this blog is about.

So first  post is about a subject near and dear to my heart.  3D printing and CNC.

I never started out  doing CNC,  never went to any school to learn how to do it, and  hell I'm not that great of a machinist..

 Yet anyways, but I never stop learning.

It really struck me today just how freaking REVOLUTIONARY (and yes dear reader that deserves an all caps) 3D printing is.  

I have been following  it  for 6 years and actually printing stuff for a year.  I was occupied with doing war stuff and earning my daily bread to actually do  anything about it until a year ago.

To do 3D printing you will need to know the basics.  Start at the beginning.  Take a little step.

So I in the style of Fight Club I am giving you a homework assignment.

If you are serious about ya know making stuff, you gotta learn how to draw it and put it down somehow.

So first task is to learn CAD.  and for that I recommend the free program DesignSpark Mechanical.

The program is free.  Download it, do the tutorials  and you will be designing simple stuff in days, and complicated stuff in a couple months.

Second homework assignment is to make a list of the tools you got.  Like inventory the stuff.  gather them all up, clean them, give them an oiling whatever you need to do.  This is the starting point for your home shop and the tools for your liberation.

Tomorrows post will deal with tools.

Do not forget your homework assignment.

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