Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Homemade CNC

This is one of my designs for a DIY CNC machine.  It is designed to use a Dremel for the spindle although it could be easily adapted for a water cooled 2.2 kw spindle from China for about $500 dollars.  

It is not quite done yet, so I won't publish the blueprints, but you will get the first crack at them before they go out anywhere else.

The electronics to power this are the same as a 3D printer.  It is cheap and readily available,  once I started really digging into how to put this together, I realized it was super easy to set up.

This design uses 9 pieces of laser cut steel plate 4mm thick.  

I am also working on a design that will use angle bar, hardware store threaded rod, and other hardware store parts to use as a manual milling machine.  

This basic design if it is beefed up could be used to machine steel.  By that I mean using water jet cut 1/2 inch steel plate and a better type of linear guide.

Btw this was drawn in that free DesignSpark program I told you about earlier.

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