Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Decentralised Bitcoin Marketplace With Tor Support Bitmarkets Launches

Voluntary - Bitmarkets

Today's centralized marketplaces and money services extract high fees, impose and abuse excessive control and remove any hope of privacy from users. 

This is why we've created Bitmarkets. Using Bitmessage's decentralized messaging to post sales, Bitcoin to transfer value without credit cards or banks, and two party escrow transactions (which lock the payment and mutual security deposits so they can only be released with the consent of both parties) safe exchanges can be conducted without middle men. 

For more information, see the white paperprotocol specificationFAQsubredditirc channelpress resources, and bugs & feature requests

The Bitmarkets. SHA256 digest is c332591f60a47e7e45b17e49dedc55a941f5b094901e7ca04a16a800411f602d

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