Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Back to System D this morning.

Heading out to the system D to get some supplies and stuff I posted about earlier.

I'll bring the camera this time.  It is insanity, but it works. 

Got pics coming of the target designator today. Have to get it done after I get back.


Did not get any photos, was running my tail off getting parts and trying to beat the afternoon commuter rush.  

Every street store I visited had no business license posted and issued no formal receipt.  As an example of the things for sale:

Power tools
Gas stoves
Solar panels
20kw diesel generators 
Women's underwear
Sex toys
Bags of oranges
Cigarettes by the stick
Cell phones
Silver coins
Fake ID's and fake diplomas.

My purchases that day included a vice for my drill press for $15, a new tap and die set for $12, and a roll or electrical tape for 75cents. 

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