Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Are we the now Soviet Dissidents?

With the present situation in the US paralleling the fall of various countries around the world, and the persecution we now get in the US.  Should it not be fair to call ourselves dissidents?

Or should we call ourselves counter-revolutionaries?  Since the other side has used that term as a epithet against their enemies, it is already waiting for us to take it up and use.

With the cold civil war threatening to go hot in the US, maybe a more militaristic term is appropriate?

The biggest problem that the other side has, is that their military forces are comprised of the same individuals they target for destruction.

If you are active duty you are a good guy, and if you are a veteran, you are the enemy.  How does that cognitive dissonance work with in the residents of the District of Corruption?

One thing I do know is that action will happen soon.  The passive aggressivism by the other side will eventually become overt.  

So what do you do?

Take the first step.  Get ahead of their actions.


I would strongly suggest that you run a background check on yourself using the services of a private investigator, or at the very least one of those online checks.

If the info there is good, then salt it with bad data.  

If it is inaccurate, be happy, especially if they have your address wrong.

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