Sunday, February 12, 2017

Digital Vacuum Forming Machine

This is my buddy John Tans project.  

It is a digitally controlled vacuum forming machine that has high end features for consumer pricing.

I have known and done business with John for years.  He will deliver on his items.  He has a store at a high end mall here in Manila where he sells his designs.  He is also a industrial design professor and teaches at the University of the Philippines in Manila.

He is a entrepreneur and go-getter.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Injection Mold Machine Update

It has been a rather slow start the last few weeks over here.

I had food poisoning which basically left me ill for over a week.  Catered food at a party I suspect is the culprit.  

Chinese New Year has also put a damper on things.

The CNC router I had running, then it started losing position, then all sorts of other gremlins popped up.  I basically lost 2 weeks productivity with the router issue and illness since Jan 1.  

The router turns out has a couple bad bearings that turn fine when moved slow and seize up when moved fast.  

I am replacing them this week, limping along with some cheap china replacements in the meantime until I can get some good European bearings.  Hitting the problem with a giant hammer.

The whole time I thought it was a electronics failure and wasted days messing with that issue up til I disassembled the machine completely, and found the crap bearings.

Problem fixed now and the router is cranking out parts to precision only dreamed about in 3D print machines.

Which brings me back to the damn Injection mold machine.

I sent off the layout for the heater block weeks ago to be machined.  I still have not heard back if they are even able to make the damn thing.

Meanwhile, now that I actually have internet that will play you tube videos, I started to re-visit you tube and to my surprise I discover someone in the UK has went with my option number two machine.  the one based on the cheap holder that converts a hand drill into a drill press.  those things are about 20 bucks here for the cheap quality and 22 bucks for the good one.  I got the cheap one, not knowing the difference until after purchase.

I was considering two different designs, one being a dedicated frame and the other using the drill press frame.

Turns out that my option number one, has a design flaw and I was unable to wrap my head around fixing it.  Basically think of the device as a metal syringe with a heater.

The barrel of the syringe and nozzle needs to press tight against the mold in order to keep plastic from leaking out.

I was relying on clamping pressure to do this, but this seems a bit of a chore if one is to do production with it.

The difference with my idea and the youtube guys design was really minor, he let his syringe slide freely up and down the upright (see video)

It doesn't look like he is going to be commercializing his design.

I modded my blueprints, and since I have all the parts in stock including raw bar stock, I can send off to a cowboy machine shop instead of the higher end shop for the version one parts.

Let the injection molding commence!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Philippines War on Drugs Cancelled

So the drug war is over.

Seems the PNP (Philippines National Police) have been caught in their usual antics.

First the Hyundai executive kidnapped transported to and then killed in the national police headquarters. Then the body cremated and ashes flushed down the toilet.

Then another Korean business man kidnapped for ransom by police in Angeles.

Duterte was quoted as saying that he didn't mind the sideline jobs (extortion gambling etc) as long as it was not drugs.

Then days later this is announced.

They had a good thing going here for awhile. But typical Philippines, they got to screw something up.

War in the Philippines is Back On

Just in time. Kick out the American advisor and the commies extortion racket starts back up.

In other news,

The Philippines gov 160million dollar international judgement today.

This is really rich.

So the Hillary Clinton clone former president Gloria Arroyo gets this plum deal for a FREE dredging and flood control project.

It is funded by the Belgians and using a Belgian company.

The world Bank did a temporary loan to the Filipino gov and then it would be paid for with Belgian aid money at project completion.

Instead, the next president, Aquino, cancelled it without notice.

So the Belgian company sued and won, because they already had what amounts to 160million dollars into the project including interest.

The project would have been completed in 2012 but of course it was not, and the legendary flooding continues.

Duterte on the other hand doesn't want to pay it and instead confiscate the assets of his political enemy to pay the debt or just let it go unpaid.

Meanwhile the Philippines central bank has previously guaranteed the loan so the Phil's gov is stuck with the bill.