Thursday, April 5, 2018

Painting and Cleaning

Our other business was vandalized several times in the past few months.

They hit the roll-up doors, the walls, the traffic barrier, fence posts, and sidewalk.

Seldom saw graffiti here until Duterte came in. 

So we spent most of a day non-stop in the sun, painting and used around a gallon of paint.

Its not quite done yet as I need a roller and a pole to get the last top spots.

We get well over 60,000 people passing in front of this location daily.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

3D Printing and Plastic Stuff

It has been a busy past few weeks.  Hence no blogging.

From zero sales in 3 months to a bunch of them.

So far, building and nearly completed a plastic extrusion machine, and plastic shredder.

Built and delivered a mini cnc router/engraver.

Building another big CNC router out, construction will start this week.

Hired a employee.

Building another mini CNC router/engraver already sold

A 3D printer that takes shredded plastic bottles, and the shredder, and a injection mold machine is in the sales pipeline.

Lots of computer CAD work, and summer heat is starting.  I may have to move my office downstairs again, build either a new house addition, or finish the kitchen and use the other room downstairs.  runnin up and down the stairs is tracking bits of aluminum chips, sawdust etc all thru the house.

Probably the lowest cost is to get cement and finally finish the outdoor BBQ kitchen I started like 4 years ago and never finished, then transfer the stove and cooking area to there.  It needs some tile, cement flooring, and lighting.  at the very least just cement and tile and some water also for the sink.

I started using PETG filament for 3D printing last week.  I must say I am very impressed.  While not quite as pretty finish as the carbon fiber it is doing the job.  I am half way thru the kilo roll of it now and called my guy to order more.  Unfortunately he sold out of it totally, no more deliveries for a month.

So I checked around and found some on Lazada (local Amazon type site) at almost the same price as my usual guy but 6 day delivery instead of 3 hour delivery.  I ordered a kilo there.

Then I found some 20% carbon fiber filled PETG from RS electronic components.  $66USD a kilo to my door.  Hopefully will be here before next week and next week is totally shot due to Holy Week stuff.

Attached is a photo of some trim parts for the mini CNC router.  It is these tiny custom hard to get parts I can print instead of searching online for that really shows the value of 3D printing.  It was draw, send to the printer and 30 min later I got the part.

I added in the cable to the rendering just for grins.

Here is one of the CNC Machines I am building.

If you want one its 3 grand plus shipping.

If you want a bunch of them wholesale lets talk.

Friday, February 16, 2018

On the Florida School Shooting

I was just going to write this:

No way will I give up my stance on privately owned firearms.

Zip, Zero, Not one mm will I give.

Every single case its a space cadet, with a fried brain due to school issued meds. 

My own nephew had a fried brain on this stuff and encouraged by my parents. 

He had 3 girls pregnant at the same time, was jealious over a fourth having a boyfriend.  So he shot the boyfriend in the middle of Central Avenue in Dubuque Iowa, then killed himself. 

His brother (also on the drugs) has been in and out of prison for meth and is now a ladyboy shemale fruitcake.

Fuck-em all.

TL Davis has this to say:

It is difficult in the aftermath of the Parkland, FL shooting to have to come up with such a stance, but  the collectivist left leaves no alternative. No, we will not give up our guns, not now, not if you have another hundred school shootings. Columbine was the worst school shooting in history nearly 19 years ago, 19! In the aftermath, while law enforcement stood about outside the building unsure of whether to enter, or where, or if the shooting was ongoing, America has still not solved the issue of school shootings.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018